Cultural Costumes of the World



Want to take a tour of the world without living your closeness? Well then it’s time for you to know more about the interesting and nifty ways of global costumes. Global costume means the different types of costumes people of different countries wear in different states and occasions.

Each country is famous for its beautiful culture and tradition, within them lies a very unique style of dressing and style, every style is mesmerizing, breathe taking and completely stunning.

Culture in most part of India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are almost the same. They have one of the richest culture and traditions. The women and girls usually go for sarees and salwar kamiz. But the style of sarees and salwar kamiz is different in every state. And boys here are found of wearing Panjabi and in some area of India the tie up a cloth for dressing called “lungi “. The Pakistani girls like wearing long kamiz which are excellent in fabric and design. The Bangladeshis go for sarees most of the time in a different way; they are famous for the color of the saree they choose, red and white. The boys normally wear Panjabi, but they sometimes like wearing the normal shirts and pants too. These countries have their own beauties and have won many hearts with their excellent trends and fashions.


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If you are interested in covering yourself with cloths then you can try wearing the dresses of the Muslim countries such as Dubai and other. The clothing of these countries is classic in dressing and they have a complete unique style and trend. The girls look beautiful wearing long gowns and cover their heads with hijabs. The men in this state mostly wear jubbahs with a scarf like cloth on their heads. This style of clothing is very mesmerizing and makes men look more handsome and attractive. This culture covers the beauty of your body but exposes the beauty of your soul.

China is famous for it’s extremely richness and has a nifty way of dressing which captivates the eyes. The culture has outstanding dresses for both males and females of every age. Girls and women here wear the famous Chinese dresses with mostly their hairs tied up with pins and hair sticks of different designs. The men here have a Chinese dress code too; this gives them a different personality and makes them look handsome. The Chinese people carry a fan with them which is a symbol of their culture, every dress they choose and wear is very gorgeous in design and the fabric is excellent.

Every country in this world is famous for its beauty of dressing and cultures. Decide which culture you would like to follow and then pick a dress of your choice. You can try different types of dressing, this can be fun to choose and you will be able to imagine yourself as a part of those cultures. Just choose the type of culture you want to follow and observe the beauty they have within themselves.

Do you want to look like those beautiful girls from the different parts of Latin America? Then you have so many options and ideas right in front of you. Try to be a little Mexican. Remember Mexican girls don’t usually put on makeup, they have really fabulous skin and if you want that drink as much as water you can. And so you don’t really have to worry about makeup when dressing in a Mexican style unless you’re going to a huge glamorous party but yes they are very detailed about their dresses and accessories. The cloths are usually made up of light cotton with flower designs. Get out of the house and pick some loud lively colors for your nails, and some ribbons for your beautiful hairs. Mexican guys are simple and go for wearing jeans and white shirts; they are famous for the hats. And yes you can always play with colors!!

You can try the Brazilian style; you defiantly need beautiful shiny hairs for that and if you are not naturally gifted then have no worry wash your hair regularly with dark coffee. The costumes are lot like the Mexicans but you need to apply nail paints and perfumes, as these two products are the lives of Brazilian ladies. And if you have big butt and boobs, then you are perfect for this outfit, and it doesn’t mean that small butts and boobs will make you unfit!! You’ll look equally beautiful.

You can even try dressing up like the sexiest women of Spain. The girls here love wearing shirts and volumetric skirts. They prefer wearing fat shoes instead of high heels, but sometimes high heels makes you look a complete hot cup of coffee. They prefer wearing dark cloths like red, black or brown. Jewelry is not much famous here, but they are extremely nifty and stylish. The boys here have a very classic look with pants and shirts; they were it in a very unique manner and have a very generous style.

Girls from Italy are every cute and stylish. They wear along undergarment that covers their shoulder till the knees. The cloths are usually manufactured by cotton and other soft materials. They wear clothes that have decorative necklines and their skirts are mainly of the color black or dark purple. They love wearing pins in buns and wear semi circular gold made earrings. Boys here wear white shirts and sleeveless waistcoat, the pants are fabricated till the length of their ankle and they love wearing boots and hats.

If you want to have more fun you can try dressing up like the dancers in Rio carnivals and samba. The costumes are extremely sexy for both males and females and look hot and tempting on both!!

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